If Your Life is a Garden…

Project 3Ts: Trauma to Thriving
…do you enjoy what is growing in it or is it full of weeds and things that you’d rather ignore?
…does it nourish you or does it drain your life right out of you?

I empower people to create relationships as unique as they are by helping them move beyond cultural norms and past patterns. As a relationship coach, I offer one-on-one coaching and workshops to guide you through an iterative design process.

This process allows you to build sustainability and fun into your relationships, no matter what their level of intimacy, thus creating connections that are nourishing, especially when they do not fall into the standard coupled mold.

I combine my training in compassionate communication (NVC), philosophy, social psychology, and interpersonal neurobiology to provide powerful tools and guidance to support change. Everything I teach I first implemented in my own life, so my methods are well tested in the real world.

butterfly_leftTo find out more about my work, please check out my offerings. If you have questions, please contact me or set up a free 30 minutes session to find out how I can empower you.

Please note that I am devoting 2015 to my own healing journey, which I suspect will impact my offerings here. I invite you to read about what I am discovering as I share it on my blog. (Subscribe to it here.)