Am I Thriving?

Since starting project 3Ts, I’ve been thinking a lot about “thriving.”

The dictionary says:
“characterized by success or prosperity.” Synonyms are “flourishing, going, palmy, prosperous, successful, triumphant” (technically, I am using it as a noun here…).

What do I exactly mean by all that? It might just be a pop psych meme. And yet I’ve experienced the difference between “just surviving” and something that I’d call “thriving.” What made that difference?

Maybe it’s a more attentive approach to living, something closer to life design (and maybe a more appropriate way of looking at life design because life is far less controllable than a garden).

Let me explain.

One aspect of designing our lives is to look at what we value, what needs are most important to us, what helps us feel most alive. When we align our lives more with those values, we move closer to thriving because we are enjoying life more.

For example, when I could no longer stand the cognitive dissonance of working in the financial industry that I was also criticizing, my values were not aligned; I was far away from integrity. Quitting might have been one of the best things for my mental health (though not so much for my financial health, at least up to now…). Nowadays, I am grappling with finding a way to make a living that lets me stay in integrity – and I am finding this rather challenging, which might be what is keeping me from fully thriving. Part of my hope of this project is to be able to more clearly show the various ways women have figured out how to thrive in a culture that seems to be set up to prevent that, especially for women.

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