Growing Potatoes In Tyres

Potatoes are widely available in grocery stores and reasonably priced but theres something magical about growing them at home.

Growing potatoes in tyres. Potato varieties potato time whether you prefer new potatoes covered in melted butter and chopped herbs or delicious crunchy roast potatoes we have the seed potato for you. I start with a single tyre putting a layer of soil in the bottom layering three medium potatoes in a triangle and then covering them with soil. Frost wind cold and rain. By catriona mcleod tas.

I was only wondering how to get some organic seeds and now i know. Hilling is the most crucial tiring and fun part of growing potatoes. As the northeasterly rips across my chilled vegetable garden i start to mentally prepare for the onset of winter. Growing potatoes the umble spud is one of the top three most popular vegetables.

Green harvest provides growing information for potatoes. Potatoes taters or spuds whatever you call them theres never been a better time to grow them. When your potatoes reach about 8 10 inches high bring soil up around the vines from both sides. I live in upington and have a good friend who stays in kakamas who has been growing selling huge quantities of potatoes for years.

Four elements threaten the welfare of my plants. Thats why i grow my taters in car tyres. I have downsized since retiring and miss growing my own potatoes i grow everything else in containers and flower beds. Potatoes like a fertile deeply dug moist acidic soil with a ph of less than 6.

Great post and just what i was about to do. Growing potatoes and of course eating them is a breeze due to their versatility. Plant potatoes in tyres. Certified virus free seed potatoes are supplied to qld nt nsw and vic in autumn and spring.

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