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  1. I read “The Antidote” last year and found it very helpful. In fact, I just might read it again!

    One chapter mentions that while the “self” doesn’t actually exist, it *is* an important construct. This helped me make sense of the some “self-less” philosophies because I just can’t embrace the idea of no self at all. However, seeing the self an important fiction helps me put things into perspective without letting go of that old anchor.

    Also, many performers – no matter what their level of experience – admit they get at least a little nervous before a show. And a little anxiety isn’t a bad thing. It can be what encourages you to perform well. It’s only a problem when you let it stop you from performing, and you didn’t! You have every reason to feel proud of the that!

    • Thanks, Amber! You’re right a lot of performers get nervous, though I think there’s a difference between the anxiety and nervousness. The anxiety seems more consuming…

      It was actually the chapter on the “self” that I was reading! To me, the reminder to check in and see all the selves – or the various aspects that I clobber together as a self – that was helpful. That how I noticed that there was a quiet voice shaming me for my anxiety… I am pretty sure I’ll read “The Antidote” again. There are so many important ideas in it!

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