Transform Trauma into a Thriving Life

There is life after trauma, many of us are testimony to that fact. However, we tend to mostly survive. Is it possible to actually thrive in a way that has transformed the trauma? Project 3Ts intends to find out by collecting the stories of women who have transformed their relationship trauma into a thriving life. In doing so, I want to inspire (starting with myself!) by showing that it is indeed possible and also document the varied ways women have transformed their trauma.

Project 3Ts: Trauma to ThrivingTo start the project, I am looking for women who have survived complex trauma from a coupled relationship (or multiple!), for example an abusive marriage or an intimate love relationship with a narcissist, and are now thriving. In other words, they have transformed their relationship trauma into a thriving life!

Are you or do you know any women like this? Ideally, I would like to be able to talk to her although reading a book about her would also be enjoyable.

Why am I looking? I am healing from yet another coupled relationship that involved complex trauma, probably a mixture of rekindling of the old trauma and adding new wounds (you can read my story here). I got stuck in a sense of hopelessness about whether I can find contentment and thrive in this life. And this project is helping me get unstuck by realizing that there might be other women who have “been there, done that.” I decided to go look for them primarily to reignite my hope, though I am also hoping to turn their stories into offerings for trauma transformation (hence the launch of Project 3Ts), which helps me step into my life purpose of understanding and healing cultural trauma, the wounds we develop from the shame of not meeting cultural norms, especially internalized sexism and internalized singlism. As a survivor myself, I know how scary public light can be and will respect a woman’s wish for privacy and/or anonymity.

Please let me know if you know – or are – a woman who is thriving after experiencing relationship trauma! And if you have any questions first or suggestions, please reach out, too!. I got some answers already here.

The gorgeous logo for Project 3Ts was designed by Laura Tempest Zakroff: A woman dancing out of her broken heart into a thriving life.