Your Life is a Garden…

…is in transition! I am uprooting some things and fertilizing others. In particular, I am giving up on life coaching (honestly, my heart was never in it) and nurture all the things I’ve planted into my own life over the past few years: Dance and reclaiming my life after trauma. So, I am redefining this website from a small business site to my personal blog to share from my experiments. butterfly_right
During this transition time, please excuse the piles of dirt laying around. There will also be piles with things to be composted. Before I can do that, though, I want to take the time to sort out what goes where: Do I want to compost this or maybe keep it in my garden? So, bear with me! butterfly_left
My plan is to focus on three things: Project 3Ts (focusing on transforming my trauma into thriving), becoming a dancer, and Stoicism. My experiment will be framed by the following questions:

  • Can I transform my traumatic experiences into a thriving life? Or can I have a thriving life despite past trauma?
  • Can I use dance to strengthen my self-confidence to walk away from unhealthy relationships sooner?
  • Is it possible to become a dancer this late in life? What does this even mean?


Yes, I know: All that needs more unpacking and defining, like what makes a relationship unhealthy or traumatic, what healing tools are out there… Stay tuned as I plan to tackle these questions and more!